The New You Day Spa idea started 6 years ago in Key West, on the island of the same name that divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. & nbsp; As we began to travel around the world, at that time we were working on the largest cruise ships, the idea grew and gained shape as we see it today, New You day spa.

The concept was to offer free consultations to our clients in order to better understand their problems, but also to offer them an excellent treatment that would fit and help exactly their needs.

We are proud to be able to guarantee the satisfaction of our guests by providing our quality services.

Working on the largest cruise ships, we have gained extensive experience in the beauty and aesthetic medicine industries. & nbsp; Our additional experience came from intensive courses in London and Miami. There I worked with the latest technologies in the beauty and aesthetic medicine industry.

The most interesting thing about the 6 years traveling around the world is that each culture has different standards of beauty. These change over time and that is why it is important to be always up to date, to have the latest technologies in order to be up to date with all the trends and ideas of this industry.

Our over 6 years of experience and fresh ideas are focused on the New You Day Spa concept.

New You Clinic now offers a relaxing corner in the crowded city called Cluj. We also offer highly effective facial and body treatments, permanent hair removal treatments as well as facial rejuvenation treatments.

new you cluj
New You Cluj