Ionithermie Super Detox Treatment

Ionithermie Super Detox Treatment

Ionithermie was developed in France by a renowned biochemist, Oliver Fouche over 30 years ago. It is the only body treatment known for detoxifying the body at the cellular level.

Ionithermie is the treatment that will help you lose up to 12 centimeters on the areas of the legs, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. In addition to the benefits of weight loss, Ionitermie is a detoxification treatment that helps circulation and digestion, firms the skin and reduces cellulite.

ionithermie super detox treatment

Unique in Romania – Ionithermie

For the first time in Romania, the detoxifying and remodeling treatment, Ionithermie – No. 1 treatment in the United States and Australia.

Ionithermie  was designed to treat cellulite and promote a detoxified and drained body. The treatment works by detoxifying the body at the cellular level. Using a combination of algae, thermal conductive clay and electrical stimuli, Ionithermie will help you provide healthier and firmer skin.

How Ionithermie will help you?

  • Detoxifies and remineralize the body, raising the body’s energy level and metabolism;
  • Strengthens and tones the muscles that help lift the buttocks and flatten the abdomen, making it an ideal treatment for clients who have gone through a pregnancy, but also for those who have successfully lost a few pounds and they need that last boost;
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite;
  • Reduces fluid retention;
  • Improves and smoothes skin textures;
  • Guaranteed loss between 2-20 cm;
  • Allows a degree of control over problem areas: hips and thighs, abdomen and thighs, abdomen and upper arms or lower abdomen and thighs.

How does Ionithermie super detox work?


Ionithermie is a unique and extraordinary treatment for correcting cellulite and improving skin and muscle tone, with the added benefits of weight loss and detoxification.

Ionithermie works by using two types of electrical stimuli simultaneously to propel the active ingredients into problem areas. The two electrical stimuli are:

  • Galvanic stimuli that allow a deeper penetration of the active ingredients. It also activates blood circulation and the lymphatic system to remove waste and ultimately to repair and strengthen the skin.
  • Faradic stimuli that stimulates the muscles and, because of the passive training, there is no pain in the muscle after the treatment.

The algae used for Ionithermie are made up of mineral extracts and essential oils that naturally detoxify the body once applied. The detoxifying components of algae make their way deep into the skin through heated clay and electrical stimuli. As a result, the lymphatic circulation – our cellular waste disposal network – is improved, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, smoothing the skin for a more even surface.

What can I expect during a detoxifying treatment with Ionithermie?

  • A thorough consultation is performed to make sure you can receive the treatment;
  • The therapist will measure you before and after to see the results;
  • Then specialized active ingredients will be applied on the areas;
  • A mask of thermally conductive aromatic clay and algae is applied;
  • Two gentle electrical stimuli are introduced.

How many ionthermie treatments will I need?

The body chemistry of each client is different and the number of treatments needed for the best results will determine as such. For mild cellulite, it can take between one and ten treatments. For more stubborn cases, up to 15 treatments may be needed for smooth, cellulite-free skin. To correctly determine how many Ionithermie Treatments you need, you can schedule a free body consultation.

Ionithermie contraindications

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Kidney problems, including kidney stones;
  • PaceMaker or metal heart implants;
  • Less than 3 months after surgery;
  • Thrombosis;
  • Hyperthyroidism;
  • Cancer;
  • Insulin-controlled diabetes.

1 session (60 min) – 479 lei / 5 sessions – 2159 lei / 10 sessions – 3999 lei

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NOTE: All body treatments will be customized according to your needs, the possibility of a FREE consultation to determine a treatment or a customized package for each is valid.

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