Body Treatments

Body Treatments



This summer, enjoy the best anti-cellulite and remodeling body treatments.

The New You Clinic comes with a set of body remodeling treatments that will make you feel new you again. Whether you want to get rid of excess fat, or cellulite or even plan a vacation, somewhere in the sun, the new New You body remodeling packages help you regain your confidence and feel good in your skin.

This summer, you have the most advantageous offers for remodeling and weight loss packages in centimeters.

1. Body treatments ”New Day”

A perfect package for those who want to get rid of 2/3 grade cellulite, but also to drain toxins accumulated over time.

body treatments

Preț – 1090 lei

Now at 849 LEI – Discount 20% 

2. Body treatments ”New Week”

This package is ideal for those who want a firm skin, without cellulite, but also weight loss and elimination of excess fat. The Transdermal Massage will help you to detach the fat cells and bring them to the surface, and the Bamboo Massage will help you to fluidize the cellulite and its drainage. The wraps come to your aid to help you eliminate excess accumulated fat.

dermocell massage

Price – 1190 lei

Now at 949 LEI – Discount 21% 

3. Body Treatments ”New Month”

This package is ideal for those who want to get rid, locally, of fat cells trapped on different areas of the body (buttocks, thighs, abdomen). Cavitation destroys up to 8 million fat cells in the worked area, and Lymphatic Drainage will help you eliminate these fat cells.

body treatments


Price – 2399 lei

Now at 1599 LEI – Discount 32% 

4. ”New You”

The ideal package in eliminating cellulite, detoxifying the body at the cellular level, loose centimeters and feel good about your body.


Price – 2949 lei

Now at 2199 LEI – Discount 32% 

Schedule now one of the best body treatments for this summer.

TEL: +40 757 738 014

NOTE: The promotion takes place between July 1 – July 31 2022, within the available slots. The promotion does not cumulate with other offers or promotions available. All therapies will be customized according to your requirements or needs. Consultations and body tests are FREE. For more information on New You promotions and treatments, do not hesitate to contact us.

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